All aboard for Chuggington at Trident

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trident would like to welcome Gemini's Lance England into the studio for his latest project; recording the children's animated hit Chuggington (watch out Thomas!). Lance, who is now operating out of Trident, has been busy recording the original UK Chuggington series since its start, and now he's off again re-recording a Disney commissioned version for the States. Based in our Studio3 and working with Pro Tools, it'll keep him busy throughout September and into October so choo-choo for him!




Language tuition and foreign VO records

For the past two decades Trident has been involved in recording foreign language work and this summer has been no exception. We've had a large number of e-learning projects come through our door ranging from the likes of language tuition services (teaching French, German, Spanish and Mandarin) to a Welcome DVD for a Local Council in Polish, Arabic and Russian. Cieszyć się!