Never a studio to back down from a challenge

Friday, April 23, 2010

We see many types of bookings here at Trident; from 1hr sessions for recording single line scripts, to week long block bookings for film and TV ADR, but even we had to scratch our heads preparing for a recent job. Have a look at this photo of the session in action and see if you can guess what's going on (click on it for a larger version).


Well lets see if you guessed right, all happening at once is:

  • ADR record with Tom Wilkinson
  • ISDN link to LA with TC feed for Quicktime sync playback
  • Facial-capture via NTSC HD camera
  • iChat multi location webcam link with feed from facial-capture camera and,
  • in-vision timecode over Tom's shoulder reading our system's TC

Phew! Thankfully the 3hr session worked flawlessly and without hitch.


Election time


While we here at Trident remain politically neutral, we have been tasked with mixing the sound on the latest Labour PEB videos, including The Road Ahead with Sean Pertwee and Brilliant Britain with Eddie Izzard. 
(Of course to balance out the plug of Labour, you can also watch the Conservative and Lib Dem videos.) 



VO records


At the beginning of this year we recorded a VO with Kate Winslet for the charity PETA about the toture behind Foie Gras. Incredibly it took place while we under a power-cut (the first in many years I might add), but we managed to pull the session out of the bag and deliver the recording as required. If you want to see the video, click here