Sound In Every Which Way

Friday, March 04, 2011

We're well into 2011 now and the variety of sessions we handle is always continuing; we do wonder where it will end and what we will be asked of next! It seems the old-fashioned days of straight VO recording are behind us; Remote sessions via Skype/Telephone/ISDN, ADR with Quicktime/Digibeta and/or remote link up, Filming at the studio for TV features or special events, Multi-language projects with varying briefs for final file delivery, VO sessions with file transfers over FTP or Yousendit, Full mixes with an almost endless amount of file playout types, Multi-actor sessions with web-cam links... The list is endless. We just love the challenge though!!

We will, we will, rock you!

Queen back at Trident

Queen were back at Trident last week holding a press launch to promote their latest Stormtroopers in Stilettos exhibition. This commemorates their original work and the first few albums that were recorded at Trident back in the 70s. Brian May and Roger Taylor spent the day with us hanging out and chatting to over 30 journalists from countries all around the world. 


Worldwide Skype links

David Cross VO

A US client got in touch last week to set up a Skype VO session with David Cross, best know for his role in the mega-hit show Arrested Development. David, who was working in London, came to studio for the VO, while the the American producers, who were in different locations across the US, conferenced into us via Skype to listen and direct the session remotely.