Spring is just around the corner

Monday, March 15, 2010

With Spring nearly upon us we bounce into series 7 of Wheeler Dealers for Discovery; another 10 x 1hr eps of narration and dubbing for us with Mike Brewer and Ed China getting their spanners out again, this time featuring a much anticipated Cosworth! With a few more TV series almost in the bag, we look forward to a productive time ahead. All your projects are important to us though no matter their size, so whether a VO for a 15 second promo or a 200 page e-learning script, we are always here ready to help you. If you think we can be of service on your current/upcoming project, then please email us with any questions you may have.


Studio 1 ADR and Narration


With the latest season of E4's Skins' ADR still echoing around our main studio, other ADR and Narration work occupying Studio 1 has been interesting with the likes of Steve Coogan and Idris Elba (no idea who he is?! read: The Wire) coming in to record for their latest projects. Idris working on his film, 'Legacy', and Steve via ISDN to the states for an animated series, 'Neighbours From Hell'. 


DVD commentaries


February also had another great DVD commentary for us to record, this time with the writer/director and lead star of Soloman Kane; Michael J. Bassett and James Purefoy. As well as the audio record, an intro for the disc's extras with Michael J. Bassett was filmed in our control room by our sister film company here at Trident House. If any of this work sounds like it fits a project you may have, please email us for more info on how we can help. 


ISDN links at Trident

February also turned out to be a bumper month for ISDN links, especially to our friends across the pond in the states. Several projects involved links including the Steve Coogan work for Neighbours From Hell, plus a Discovery Channel narration record for their Easter special, Who Framed Jesus?