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Thursday, July 15, 2010

We're very proud of our rock 'n roll roots as a music studio; in the 60s & 70s recording the likes of The Beatles, Bowie and Queen. However sometimes the message that we are now purely an audio post facility gets lost, so that's why we've changed our web address to better reflect our business: And of course we still specialise is all things audio post production, specifically the spoken word; voice over recordsaudio mixes for TV radio and multimedia, ADR,ISDN links for all of the above...



Trident's fans

Taylor Hawkins

As a member of the Foo Fighters, Taylor gets to see many studios from all over the world, but his interests lie in the classic studios that are part of music history, specifically anywhere that Queen recorded. Having played with Brian May and Roger Taylor himself, coming to Trident is a real bonus for him so when in town with any new band mates, Taylor pops in to have a look around and talk about the old times. Rock on. 



See the studio

Tours of the Studios

As part of the fun of running a legendary studio, we like to try and connect with the people who have a real interest in the classic rock 'n roll that happened here. And for this reason every week we run a tour of the studio accompanied with an informative talk and a little medley of the classics that were recorded here. If you or your colleagues would be interested in joining one of the tours or having one of your own, just let us know via an email.



Narration recording

With Stephen Tompkinson

More narration recording here in Studio1, this time with actor Stephen Tompkinson for some radio ad work. Stephen was working again at Trident this week for ADR for his upcoming pilot, Inspector Banks on ITV later this year.