Our audio services:

Voice Overs

We have 3 studios to record voice overs in with our largest Studio 1 able to accomodate up to 6 artists/actors. Studios 2 & 3 can record single artists and all three studios have full use of our Neumann and Sennheiser microphones. We can also run any voice over recording session via ISDN or Source Connect.


Studio1 is a full ADR suite featuring HD video playback on 50" monitors with variable colour/size screen wipes for the actors. We have worked hard over the past 6 years to build as an efficient way of running ADR sessions to make them as smooth and relaxing as possible for the talent and director. We also have ISDN and Source Connect availble for remote links.


All our studios are mix capable, with the latest in Pro Tools 10 and Sadie 5 software we can output any of your requirements to stereo or 5.1.

From full broadcast series work to 5 second stings for corporate idents, or maybe mastering a straight voice over track, Trident can mix anything you may require.


WIth MPEG and APT-X codecs, we are compatible with the majority of ISDN studios around the globe. We can link just high quality mono feeds for straight voice over recording, or we can even sync machines remotely for an ADR session. We also have the ability for normal phone patches allowing for mobile or landlines to dial straight into the studio.

Source Connect

This is the latest in studio link innovation and allows remote audio feeds to happen without the expensive cost of ISDN calls. It cleverly sends data over the internet avoiding ISDN lines altogether and can not only send high quality stereo signals but also machine sync as well to enable synchronous playback of video at both ends. If you would like to know more about it compared to ISDN, please drop us a line.

DVD Commentary

With our spacious Studio 1 easily accomodating upto 4 seated people and its 50" HD screen, it is the ideal studio for recording DVD commentaries. Recently, filming of the commentary has also been a requirement for high definition formats like Blu-ray, and this has also been easy to facilitiate with cameras rigged within the booth.