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ADR Studio for TV & Film

Our main ADR studio accommodates up to 8 artists; perfect for crowd and walla recordings. That also means we have loads of space for your main actor records as well. Trident has the perfect ADR studio space for your project; we also utilise the latest in Pro Tools technology allowing us to output full HD material to our 50" screens with screen wipes in varying colours and speeds.


We have been trusted with recording ADR for the following productions:

  • The Sweeney [Vertigo Films]
  • Shameless [Company Pictures]
  • Frankie [BBC]
  • The Impossible [Apaches Entertainment]

Our standard in-house mics include a Sennheiser 416, DPA 4060, Neumann KMR 82 i, Sony clip.

Trusted By Global Brands

Trident is trusted by companies from around the globe to handle their voice over recording, mixing and ISDN requirements. From the world’s largest and most respected corporations, to the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

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ISDN Studio for ADR

Trident is fully connected to the outside world meaning we can handle any type of ISDN or remote link for an ADR session. We can timecode sync over ISDN (MPEG & APTX) or Source Connect and audio link over any of the following: telephone patch (TBU), Skype, Facetime, Google+, iChat...

Whatever your ADR requirement, please get in touch to enquire more.

Trident Studios

17 St. Anne's Court
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Centrally Located

In the heart of London's media district, Soho W1, Trident is in the perfect place for immediate access to all of the West End's cutting rooms and edit suites.

voice over studio

Voice Over Studio

Voice over & narration recording is at the very core of what Trident has been built on to be market leaders in. With the latest in microphone hardware and studios built to the highest standards of technology, Trident excels at voice over and narration recording.


We have three voice over studios setup to handle all your voice over recordings; from 10 sec stings and 1 minute promos to documentaries, series work and talking books. We have been recording the spoken word and voice overs for the past 20 years. There are few in Soho with more voice over experience than Trident.

Examples of our recent voice over work includes:

  • Volvo V40 TV spot
  • GSK
  • Joseph Anton (unabridged)[RandomHouse]
  • The Impossible [Apaches Entertainment]

Our standard in-house mics include several Neumann U87, a TLM 103 and an AKG 414.

Get In Touch:

Trident Audio Post

34 Great Pulteney Street

London, W1F 9NP

020 7734 6198