ISDN Studio

ISDN & Remote Links

Utilising all that's available for linking between artists, studios and clients, we have all the technologies here at the tip of our fingers: ISDN, Source Connect, Instant Messengers (Skype etc) and telephone patching.


Having studios in the very heart of Soho in central London, makes us amazingly well placed for any clients/artists having to travel to the studio. However not everyone is always available to make it here and often clients & artists can be elsewhere, away for other work.

This is where remote links come into their own; allowing studios, clients and artists to link up and record as usual. We have the following key technologies at our disposal:

  • Source Connect
  • Instant Messengers (Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime etc)
  • Telephone patch (landline & mobile/cell)

If you want to know anymore about any of these options, please get in touch with us. Or you can read a little bit more about ISDN and Source Connect in a blog post of ours here.

Trusted By Global Brands

Trident is trusted by companies from around the globe to handle their voice over recording, mixing and ISDN requirements. From the world’s largest and most respected corporations, to the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Voice Over Studio

ISDN Voice Overs

Recording voice overs over ISDN has been part of our everyday workload for the past 15 years here at the studios. Recoring everything from radio  days, international links, phone patches and more, we can handle any remote link requirement you may have.

google +

ISDN, Telephone & IM Video Connections

Trident is fully connected to the outside world meaning we can link up to any destination in the world for your session; ISDN (MPEG & APTX), telephone patch (TBU), Skype, Facetime, Google+, iChat...

And whether you want just an audio connection or video as well, we can handle it. With 10 years of remote connections under our belt, there is almost no end to the options available.

Trident Studios

17 St. Anne's Court
London W1F 0BQ
020 7734 6198

Centrally Located

In the heart of London's media district, Soho W1, Trident is in the perfect place for immediate access to all of the West End's cutting rooms and edit suites.

ADR Studio


Should you need to record ADR over a remote link, we can run synchronised ADR over ISDN or Source Connect with ease.

Dubbing Studio

Mixing For All Formats

Running the latest in Pro Tools across all our studios allows us to handle all mixing requirements, whether a multi-part series for TV, or just a bit of clean up on some poor audio you may have. Whatever the need, we have the tools and skills to handle it.


Mixing (or dubbing) is the second most frequent work we do (after VO recording); from mono to 5.1. We frequently complete the entire audio post (vo and mixes) on the Discovery Channel's hugely popular Wheeler Dealer series. And with our Studio2 fully equipped for surround sound, we have everything you could need for your 5.1 mix.

A selection of our work includes:

  • Turin Shroud- A multilingual 50min documentary commissioned for the public display of the Turin Shroud.
  • Wheeler Dealers- VO records and audio mixes (plus stems) for series 2 - 10 of the hugely popular program on The Discovery Channel.
  • Labour PEBs- Trident has been trusted to mix the Labour Party Election Broadcasts for the past 3 years.
  • Maltese Experience- A 45min 5.1 surround production for one of Malta's top tourist attractions.