Feature ADR

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Features ADR

Dialogue replacement has been a frequent work of ours for the past 10 years, and although TV productions are typical of our workload, we've recently branched out into features including most recently: The Letters; a film staring Juliet Stevenson about correspondence written from Mother Theresa to a spiritual director over many years, and Ironclad 2; an action film based in the 13th century about a man fighting to save his clan from Celtic raiders. Both very different styles of film you'll agree, but great to have the casts here at the studio.


Rock 'n Roll at Trident


With the release of a limited edition book celebrating the 40th anniversary of Lou Reed's Transformer album recorded here at Trident, Genesis Publications held a PR day at the studio and Lou Reed himself, along with his close photographer friend Mick Rock, came here and held press interviews in our Studio1.

Mick Rock & Lou Reed


ADR at Trident


The hit children's TV series from the BBC has just completed its audio recording here at Trident. Season 2 of Wolfblood started airing this month and we have seen the cast come by here over the summer. Transmitted around the world, it's a huge international success and was filmed by the same crew as the massive hit Tracy Beaker Returns.

Wolfblood ADR