New Year, New Oppotunities

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 is looking to be an exciting year for us; we're currently freeing more space to be available as a client area so anyone attending a session has somewhere to sit and chat with their clients, and all while drinking some of the worlds best coffee they've picked up from theFernadez & Wells Espresso Bar next door. While relaxing on our sofa, they can read all about the history of the studio via the famous records on the wall; a true memorabelia waiting room!

There's a Doctor in the house...

Remote session over ISDN

The very last session we had of 2010 was with one of the recent generation of Dr. Who; David Tennant. He was the only attendee at the session, the client being in a studio in Scotland directing David voice-to-picture. A straightforward process utilising just a standard ISDN dual line; audio and sync over the phone line with a client chatting away to the artist as if in the same building. Easy! 



Going down like a Lead Balloon

Jack Dee ADR

We have recently upgraded our ADR system in Studio1 and the first actors to christen it was Jack Dee with his show Lead Balloon. Our new system can generate wipes, flashes and audio beeps all at varying colours and speeds, and all in glorious HD on our 50" screens! ADR has never looked so good!